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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning everyone. >> welcome to news 4 today, saturday, november 10, 2012. it's been a long week. >> a very busy week. welcome back from richmond. you were covering george allen's campaign. did a nice job thank you very much. >> we want to talk about the weather. >> there are high expectations. let's see if meteorologist chuck bell can deliver. good morning. >> high expectations, only 6:00 a.m. on a saturday morning. we need to start with lower expectations and work our way up. good morning, you two. a good morning everybody. your weekend finally here. and oh, boy. we've got good news for you out of the weather department today. off to a chilly start this
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morning. plenty of 30s on the map. 40s alongside of the chesapeake bay. upper 30s inside the washington area. but 30 in manassas this morning and 32 in martinsburg, west virginia. a couple rain drops to the west of i-81. 99% of those are going to dry up before they come east of the mountains. we will see an extra little bit of cloud cover in the front half of the day because of the little dying impulse of rain shower. we'll call it morning clouds. temperatures climbing to the mid and upper 40s by later this morning. more sunshine by later this afternoon. a beauty of a day today. up to around 63, 64 degrees. that sounds positive doesn't it? >> it sure does to us. >> sounds great. >> expectations have been met. >> okay. thanks. in the news the beltway is still reeling after cia director david patraeus resigned because he had an extra marital affair. nbc's chris clackum has more on the retired general's surprising
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resignation. >> reporter: in his resignation letter to president obama david petraeus who took over at the cia in 2011 wrote, after being married for over 37 years i showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extra marital affair. such behavior is unacceptable. b both as a husband and as a leader of an organization such as ours. petraeus resigns just days after his boss won re-election, but president obama accepted it, saying about petraeus and his wife holly i wish them the very best at this difficult time. >> a little too soon to tell today because of how sudden this was but for lack of a better term petraeus is a legend. he is one of the few generals in american history to get so much credit for so many things. >> reporter: petraeus had been scheduled to testify at house and senate hearings next week on the terrorist attack in september on the american embassy in benghazi, libya, that left four americans dead including ambassador chris stevens. >> this is really probably the most politically uncomfortable, leaving aside the stuff with the
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affair, just on the benghazi question, the most politically uncomfortable moment the guy has had since he reached the national stage. it had to be a really hard time for him. >> reporter: the resignation of the highly decorated former combat commander caught even washington, d.c. off guard. chris clackum, nbc news. >> petraeus has been married to his wife holly for 37 years. she serves on the white house's consumer protection bureau. they have two children together, one lieutenant steven petraeus recently returned from a stint in afghanistan. >> the man set to run lockheed martin also resigned from his post because of an inappropriate relationship. he admitted to having a relationship with a subordinate employee. he was supposed to take over as ceo for the bethesda based company in january but the company instead asked him to resign immediately. the week ahead is all about the fiscalff cli and how to get washington to work together to avoid plunging right over the edge. president obama will host several important meetings at
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the white house next week to try to resolve the issue. on wednesday president obama will meet with business leaders to get their perspective on what needs to be done. then he is going to meet with congressional leaders from both parties on friday. it's clear, however, that there is still a lot of ground to make up to reach a deal. >> i'm open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. i'm committed to solving our fiscal challenges. but i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >> everyone wants to get our onomy moving again. everyone wants to get more americans back to work again. raising tax rates will slow down our ability to create the jobs everyone says they want. >> the automatic spending cuts and tax hikes will go into effect january 1st if nothing is done. virginia governor bob mcdonald is already preparing for the worst. he is ordering all state agencies to immediately prepare to cut their budgets by 4%.
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in a memo to the agencies mcdonald's chief of staff says the process that congress may not reach a deal by the january 1st dead line means they need to prepare. the memo was sent just two days after president obama was re-elected for a second term. this morning two teens are under arrest accused of killing a d.c. cab driver. that man's body was found inside his burning taxi earlier this week near gallaudet university. news 4's erika gonzalez has more on what police believe led to the murder. >> if you are going to do that -- but why are you killing the person you know? just rob them and go away. don't kill the person. >> reporter: amir has been driving cabs for midway for about five years. though police aren't releasing the victim's name amir says he knew his colleague well enough to know he was hard working. he just purchased a house for his wife and kids. >> it's a dangerous job. >> reporter: the two teens are from maryland. >> we initially received some
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tips and that led us to them through witness information. >> reporter: wednesday night a few feet from the doors of gallaudet university the police spotted the car burning, the driver still inside. according to detectives the man wound up veering off of this driveway and into this fence and these trees. when the car became fully engulfed in flames. why? what the reason behind this? detectives suspect an armed robbery. >> we are still attempting to determine what if anything was taken. a mail carrier talks about the scary moments after he found an 81-year-old woman robbed and beaten in her own home. police say a teenager broke into the woman's house on mckinley street on northwest wednesday and beat her, robbed her, and took off. a while later her mail carrier discovered her and called police. both he and neighbors say they cannot imagine someone would do something like this.
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>> just strange, unfortunate it had to happen with someone like her. >> for someone to take advantage of an 81-year-old woman. >> yeah. >> at best you can say, evil. at worst, deranged. >> 18-year-old tyron mcgalrus was arrested. police say he watched the neighborhood looking for potential targets. right now metro is taking advantage of the long veterans day weekend to get some track work done on three lines. on the orange line buses are replacing trains between east falls church and clarendon. the virginia square station is closed and trains are single tracking between vienna and east falls church. same thing between grovener and friendship heights on the red line and greenbelt and college park on the green line. the work will last through the day on monday. the time is 6:07. really glad we'll be doing this next story. i'm struggling this morning. still ahead, what may be to
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blame for your allergies flaring up even though spring is long gone. a close call. a woman's frightening moments while trapped at niagara falls. how a virginia city is benefiting today from new york's canceled marathon. tell us what you're going to be doing this weekend with all the great weather we're expecting. we're logged on on facebook and twitter and throughout the show. just search news 4 today.
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a woman is recovering this morning after falling into a river near niagara falls. she was walking along the niagara gorge when she slipped and fell into the fast moving waters. rescuers found her clinging to rocks and air lifted her to safety. doctors say other than a case of hypothermia she is expected to make a full recovery. with sandy's impact still lingering president obama plans to tour hard hit new york next week. the white house says the president will meet with families affected by the storm on thursday along with local lawmakers and first responders. sandy is estimated to have
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caused $33 billion in damage in new york state alone. it also killed more than 100 people and left millions in the dark. the president has visited the new jersey coast to view recovery efforts where sandy made landll. gas rationing in new york and on long island seems to have ended hours-long waits for fuel. the plan went into effect yesterday. it allows drivers with license plate numbers ending in odd numbers to fill up on odd number calendar days. and even numbers on even calendar days. police are on hand to make sure drivers play by the rules. there is still a shortage of gas however even though the lights are slowly coming back on. oil analysts say that is because suppliers are still struggling to get backup. some of hollywood's biggest stars are lending a hand to help those affected by superstorm sandy. robert deniro and matthew broderick and michael j. fox are shooting public service announcements to raise money and
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fund housing. northern virginia is also helping those devastated by sandy. they're collecting blankets for those still without power. it's called operation keep them warm. fedex is taking care of the shipping costs. if you'd like to help donate any blankets to inova loudoun hospital until tuesday. the american red cross says the relief effort for sandy is the largest in the u.s. since hurricane katrina. the red cross has raised around $117 million in donations and pledges. that came from fundraisers including nbc's telethon last week which brought in $23 million. the salvation army has also chipped in raising $5 million to help those affected by the storm. a lot of people just doing the simple thing of texting the red cross and making that $10 donation. every little bit helps. >> so easy. time is 6:13. still ahead the facility opening its doors to help military vets find a job today. and under water surprise.
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the great tale one man captured during a fishing trip. plus the clumsy intruder caught on camera barging through a yogurt shop. a reason to move the weekend plans outdoors. chuck's the reason. no. he is back with the mild weather forecast, next. it's my coffee when i want it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee. i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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america runs on dunkin'! it's a sign the holidays are just around the corner. the annual holiday show "ice" opens next friday at the guylord national resort in national harbor. 40 ice carvers are putting finishing touches on the life sized sculptures. 2 million pounds of ice are being used to create the walk through. this year's theme the movie "clec." >> it's the story of "shrek." he doesn't really celebrate christmas but his friends come together and show him what the spirit of the holidays is really about. it's about celebrating the holidays with your family and friends. >> in case you were wondering, yes, the ice slide, this is back this year. the show runs through january 6th. this is one of my favorite things to do. the winner, i even brought my
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baby out last year. it was great that no matter how big or small they have these monster jackets they put on you. have you ever been to ice in vegas? >> i have not. >> okay. >> very cold. >> i don't know. 2 years old. a lot to take to a place like that. >> watch out she doesn't try to taste the ice. >> get the tongue stuck. >> i caught her licking a lamp the other day. i don't know. >> well, on with the weather we go. >> all right. so warm. they'll have to turn up the ac in the gabler hotel as they carve their ice for the holiday season because finally we've turned the corner, erybody. milder weather is finally coming back to the area. it isn't going to last long but it will last through your weekend. that's what matters the most. outside this morning it was nice and clear when you went to bed
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last night. however, we have rolled in some clouds first thing this morning so it's going to be kind of a gray start out there for many this morning. the sun is not quite up yet. coming up just before 7:00 this morning. 38 chilly degrees in washington. you get a sense that that low cloud deck is just sort of hanging around out there. not going to be much of a rain threat in and around town today but again on storm 4 doppler there are some sprinkles out to the west of i-81. so a cold start this morning. temperatures mostly in the 30s and 40s. your hometown forecast in bethesda rising to near 60 degrees with the return of sunshine this afternoon. then back down into the upper 40s by 10:00 tonight. so that won't be all that chilly at all. storm 4 doppler, this is not reaching the ground around here for the most part but these light rain showers now western parts of the west virginia panhandle, these rain drops are running southeast bound as they come over the mountains and down toward the metropolitan area. i do think most if not all of those drops will dry up. that being said just be ready for some clouds this morning and
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maybe a quick little sprinkle to get your weekend under way. we're really waiting on this big area of low pressure out here. high wind advisories posted across much of the plains states. big, developing storm promises us a chance for rain, maybe even a november rumble of thunder as we get into tuesday. that's the time we're watching. so the pattern is a changing everybody. high pressure is in charge. that means a nice day today. southerly winds return as the area of high pressure goes off the eastern seaboard tomorrow and that means it'll be a beautiful, sunny sunday. perfect weather for veterans day and there comes the marching cold front in here. not much of an impact on monday but tuesday i think we'll have to worry about some drops. for today, clouds to start. but sun to finish today. that is a good thing. highs today up into the upper 50s in the high spots to low and mid 60s around town. sort of depends how quickly we can get the sunshine out. then for tomorrow sunny and warmer. perfect weather for veterans. if you see a veteran out around a world war ii memorial give it the old friendly salute and thank them for their service.
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check that out. two 70s in a row on the seven day. then the bottom falls back out once again by the middle of the week. we do not care if it rains tuesdays and wednesdays here. the terpins down the road in clemson, south carolina today. sunshine and 70 degrees down there. if you want to see your team featured, who is playing, when, and where they're playing, chuck.bell@nbc >> and a shout out at george mason. they won last night. the basketball team. just getting started. >> i don't even pay attention until we're in the club house at the end of the season. >> all right. thanks, chuck. if you are an allergy sufferer you know this was a rough year. >> unfortunately, some doctors say you haven't seen anything yet. nbc's erica edwards has more on the ominous predictions being made about future allergy seasons. >> reporter: allergists have looked into the future and see a lot more of this. >> with each year i continue to
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see a rise in allergies and an increase in allergy patients. >> reporter: new research presented at a meeting of the american college of asthma and immunology and allergies finds seasonal allergies will get worse as pollen counts double over the coming decades. the reason is climate change. allergists say nothing to sneeze at. >> if we see a rise in greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide this fuels the growth for pollinating plants so it leads to an increase in allergies. >> reporter: in the year 2000, pollen production began in april and peaked in may. allergists predict that by the year 2040 the peak will come a month earlier. that means the suffering may begin earlier each spring and possibly last longer. other than starting a stockpile of kleenex what can we do? >> start him on a daily inhaler. >> reporter: in addition to booking an appointment with an allergy specialist, shower before bed, clean your glasses, keep your windows closed, and wash pets that can drag
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allergens in from outside. erica edwards, nbc news. >> google can be a good predictor of allergy seasons. researchers say nasal allergy symptoms are the most common searches for march through may. >> that was pretty intense. turning to sports now the terps open their regular season against one of the top teams in the country. >> and the wizards look for their first win of the young season. carol maloney has it all in this morning's sports minute. >> reporter: good saturday morning everybody. i'm carol maloney and your sports minute starts with college hoops. maryland taking on the kentucky wildcats in brooklyn. this one was close. second half kentucky up one. seth allen finds alex land. land finds the dunk. 23. terps up one. kentucky roared back. up three. last-second chance for howard. and he misses it. terps lose a heart breaker, 72-69. hoyas facing the tenth ranked
6:24 am
florida gators aboard the u.s.s. baton. forces a turnover. nate with the steal. he looks ahead to porter. porter is automatic. georgetown trailed by four at the half but no second half. condensation on the court forces them to call the game. the game will not count or be made up. to the big boys wizards looking for their first win of the year against the bucks. bradley on the break and he is slamming this one home. 22 points in the game for the rookie. the wizards fall 101-91. big news for nats fans. nl manager of the year candidate davie johnson signs a one-year deal to return as the nats' skipper. he plans to retire at the end of 2013. and don't forget college football. terps kick off against clemson at 3:30. virginia hosts miami at noon. howard takes on georgia southern at 2:00. that's your sports minute.
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i'm carol maloney. hope your saturday is a good one. let's talk soccer. the d.c. united are on their way to houston and hoping to keep their playoff run alive. the united will take on the houston dynamos tomorrow. in the first game of the eastern conference finals. d.c. got to the finals after a dramatic win thursday night over the new york red bulls. there was a score in the 88th minute to win the game and the two-game series. tomorrow's game starts at 4:00. then the teams will play in washington a week later on november 18th. in about 30 minutes thousands will hit the pavement for the anthem richmond marathon and the city can thank new york for the record turnout. more than 18,000 will take part in today's races including more than 6,000 for the marathon. organizers of the race say just minutes after last week's new york city marathon was canceled because of superstorm sandy they got hundreds of new entrants. there is also a marathon today in ohio, indiana, and florida
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attracting runners expecting to race last weekend in the big apple. it is not exactly what you want to see swimming around you when you are in open water. a man on a small fishing boat off the coast of santa cruz, california shot this video when he noticed a dark object in the water. just turned out to be a little 14-foot great white shark. it came close to the surface but, fortunately, swam away. apparently not all deer like eating grass. check out this video of three deer trying desperately to get into a yogurt shop in new jersey. you can see this video. they charged the windows twice. one of them managed to get in slamming into a wall and stumbling over chairs and tables before getting out again. the deer didn't get any frozen treats but did leave behind about $2500 bucks worth of damage. get it? bucks? >> oh, bucks. got it.
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pr probiotic. >> i eat the real ice cream. okay. the time right now is 6:26. next a sky high debate over in flight phone calls. plus how superstorm sandy is causing new power problems in north carolina nearly two weeks later. days after the election why the final electoral college could be determined today. 6:27 everyone. you're watching news 4 today.
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good morning and welcome to news 4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm angie goff. it is saturday, november 10th, 2012. talking about the weather, a little chilly out there right now. >> but get ready. things are warming up quick. let's go to meteorologist chuck bell in storm center 4. good morning. >> richard and angie, good morning to both of you. a good morning, everybody. at home in the news 4 nation getting your weekend off kind of a cloudy start out there first thing this morning. there are a few rain drops up toward the skyline drive and the blue ridge. we're keeping a close eye on those for you this morning. it's a chilly start. temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 30s. here is the way storm team 4 radar looks. not much rain out there but there are drizzly drops primarily up to the north and west of town. you folks out in hagerstown and martinsburg, winchester, be on the lookout for a couple early morning rain drops. again, this isn't going to last long. it certainly won't interfere with your saturday afternoon. so clouds and maybe some drops around first thing. sunshine should be back by early afternoon leaving us with a
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beautiful day to be outside today. on the road at oklahoma state in still water where it will be a howling south wind out there today. a hard time out in good old still water, oklahoma. if you want your team on there chuck.bell@nbc is the address of choice. checking some of our top stories now this morning, the cia is looking for a new director. retired general david patraeus resigned after admitting to an extra marital affair with the author of his biography. petraeus was the director of the cia for a little more than a year. president obama will hold several meetings at the white house next week in hopes of avoiding the fiscal cliff. he will meet with business leaders on wednesday and congressional leaders on friday. automatic spending cuts and tax cuts will kick in january 1st if no deal is reached. expect delays on veterans day this coming weekend. two stations are closed on the orange line and single tracking on parts of the orange, red, and green lines. the work will last through the holiday on monday.
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it's been four days since americans went to the polls and florida is still undecided in the race for the white house. however, that is supposed to change today. precincts in the sunshine state have until noon today to submit their unofficial results to the secretary of state. no matter who wins in florida president obama still has more than enough electoral votes for re-election. however, we may not know who wins the state today if the margin between the two candidates is less than half a percent. if that happens, florida state law requires, get ready for it, yes, a recount. people in prince george's county hope plans for an aquatic center won't get held up in red tape like other promised projects in the area. the new facility would be built off route 301 in brandywine. prince george's county bureau chief tracy wilkins explains how other projects are still years in the making. >> i've been coming twice a week and there's no one here working. as you can see, it's a beautiful day. residents in southern prince
6:33 am
george's county are worried about the lack of work. maryland park and planning seems to be putting in to building and improving parks in the area. especially since some of the projects have been paid for for years. >> they say okay to these projects but it takes forever for them to build it. >> reporter: students here in brandywine say they wanted a place to ride skate boards so the delegate went to annapolis and got $250,000 in bond money to help build this skate park. four years later this is as far as the project has gone. >> the boys that talked to me about the skate park are graduating from college this year. >> reporter: maryland state delegate james proctor says he's secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in state funds for park projects in brandywine that have not gotten off the ground. this wooded area is supposed to be the home of the new aquatic center serving everyone from children to seniors, but he is afraid it, too, will be put off for years. >> we keep getting excuses after excuses. >> reporter: starting in 2007, proctor secured $300,000 to
6:34 am
provide lights for three existing football fields. he also secured $250,000 for an additional field at north keys park and $250,000 for the skate park. >> from us, $800,000. >> reporter: that one project -- not one project done. >> not one project done. >> reporter: maryland park and planning was supposed to match the funds secured to complete the project. after five years of providing funding proctor and residents are wondering what's the holdup. >> mentioned all these things and i haven't seen -- i know something with the funding changed in the county or if they're putting the money into other things. >> if the money is available it needs to be used for the programs and projects it was allocated for. the prince george's county school system is facing a lawsuit from the union representing principals and administrators. a $100 million federal class action lawsuit was filed by the union in federal court. the suit names the county school board and former county school
6:35 am
superintendent and claims 100 school administrators and principals were demoted or fired and were the targets of age and race discriminations. >> dr. hite alone replaced almost half of the principals in the schools. that kind of action reflects on what is happening in the schools. when you have administrators in the schools that are so demoralized it's going to roll down to the children. >> almost 30 plaintiffs are named in that suit. a prince george's county school spokesman says the system will not comment on the lawsuit until it goes to court. a bitter battle between american airlines and their pilots can soon come to an end. the pilots union says it has reached an agreement for a new contract with the airlines. the pilots will now vote on whether to ratify that contract over the next three weeks. if approved it could help american get out of bankruptcy. american has about 7500 pilots. a new battle is brewing in the skies over in flight phone
6:36 am
calls. an increasing number of passengers are making calls mid flight thanks to skype and other internet calling services. but "usa today" reports flight crews and many passengers complained the calls are noisy and distracting. the groups representing the electronic and cell industry are encouraging the calls saying they can be as easy as streaming a video. almost two weeks now since hurricane sandy made landfall and this morning power crews in the outer banks were trying to figure out what caused another huge round of power outages overnight. nearly 40,000 dominion virginia customers lost power last night for about 90 minutes. crews believe salt buildup from the storm could be to blame, bringing down the power lines in the end. dominion crews are doing forensic testing on the wires to determine if that was indeed the cause. it is a sign of recovery for new york city after sandy battered the big apple. last night the statue of liberty was lit for the first time since the storm. the landmark was damaged during storm and had reopened after a
6:37 am
year of renovations. there is no word on when it will bepen to the public again. today we would like to wish a very happy 237th birthday to the united states marine corps. the marines were formed back in 1775 in philadelphia. as of a couple years ago the u.s. marine corps had about 200,000 active duty marines and around 40,000 reserves. also on this date 58 years ago president dwight eisenhower dedicated the marine corps memorial in arlington. the memorial shows this iconic image of americans raising the u.s. flag on the japanese island of iwo jima in 1945. today help for veterans and their families for finding jobs here at home. companies from our area will be at george mason university for the second annual veterans career hiring event. the job fair is part of the american freedom festival. government service agencies and major companies will be on hand to provide career opportunities to vets and their families. it runs from 9:00 to 3:00 at the patriot center and is free for veterans to attend.
6:38 am
wonderful, wonderful event. the time right now, 6:37. good morning, everyone. next d.c.'s new curb side rule that has many food truck owners calling foul. and where this scary looking sky is called a rare occasion. why it's called a rare occasion. you're watching news 4 today.
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the "today" show is up next. let's find out what they're working on. >> lester holt joins us live from new york. >> good morning. coming up on a saturday morning on "today" the shocking resignation of cia director david patraeus after admitting to an extra marital affair. did he put national security at risk? what does this mean for the cia? we'll get the very latest from washington. also ahead, most of us spend a lot of time on our computers, smart phones, or tablets. when is it too much? we'll look at what it's like to be actually addicted to the internet. plus, recycling is in. first lady michelle obama, the duchess of cambridge among the women seen wearing the same outfit more than once at high profile events. is it the new fashion trend? christina aguilera drops by to talk about her team on this season of "the voice" and what
6:42 am
it is like to mentor up and coming talent. for now we'll send it back to you in d.c. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. >> okay. all right. well, food trucks have become a lunch time staple for thousands in d.c. >> but some of those restaurants on wheels say newly proposed regulations are threatening to put them out of business. news 4's derrick ward talked to some vendors who say the rules go too far. >> reporter: when we were young lunch time often meant a smiling face offering you good, wholesome fare. now in the bustling, grownup work day world lunch time often comes from a truck but it still can be good fare. >> i just tasted some beef briskets from the barbecue truck. >> reporter: no these aren't the ice cream trucks we chased for blocks as kids. these vendors come from or lead to serious brick and mortar restaurants. >> my company serves barbecue tacos and grew for two years as just a food truck and now we've built in a fixed location at the new union market in ward 5, washington, d.c. now the vendors say the district is trying to impose brick and mortar style regulations on these mobile
6:43 am
vendors like a ten-foot rule saying there must be ten feet of unobstructed sidewalk for vendors to operate curb side. this section of 12th street has a sidewalk that would work even with the tree boxes. plenty of unobstructed room for people to line up and walk by but they're not allowed in places like this. that is what has vendors worried. the ten-foot rule is great if you've got a sidewalk cafe not great if you're working curbside from a truck. >> eight of ten of our hot spots wouldn't comply with those regulations right there. >> i don't think that would be good for us, as small business people. it would be terrible for our customers who love to come out and enjoy the food trucks. >> it gets people out of the office. you see a lot more people. it's nice to be out. >> it's a good thing. we get variety. >> reporter: the vendors association says they like some of the proposed regulatory changes like ditching old rules that applied to ice cream trucks and were virtually unenforceable in the new era of mobile cuisine. vendors say changes being imposed essentially to keep clear sidewalks may clear them all too well. >> all these people just prove this is what they want so i hope
6:44 am
they, you know, still like to be here. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. the proposal is in the public comment phase right now. vendors are urging customers to weigh in before next week's deadline. people in france are up in arms about having to pay more for the popular chocolate spread nutella. the upper house of the french government passed a proposal to increase the tax on products with palm oil by 300%. nutella is made with palm oil and has a high fat content. nutritionists say palm oil has a connection with heart disease and strokes but french food makers are upset with the tax hike saying it is going to force them to raise prices on their products. that stuff tastes good. i can eat it right out of -- i get excited. >> put a spoonful in your mouth. >> as long as you don't start passing it around here i'm fine but the thing is, just using a spoon to eat it, it's so delicious. >> of course it is. >> you don't need bread or
6:45 am
anything. but an interesting fact about nutella was actually found in or created by a chef in italy in the 1940s. they had a chocolate shortage because of world war ii. >> that makes sense. >> there is no shortage obviously now but don't take away our nutella. >> great shops around the city and i love a little crepe with nutella on it. a hot cup of coffee, espresso. >> maybe you can break the battle. she says it is a chocolate spread and i say it's a hazelnut spread. >> wikipedia says it's both. >> there it is. >> i can solve any problem including your weekend forecast dlem ace next.
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a rare tornado swept through southern australia forcing many to take cover part of a severe storm system that hit most of the continent. sydney experienced rough weather with flooding and hail. so far no injuries and limited damages from the storms. >> our weather couldn't be any better. >> we are turning the corner and we get great weather, a three-day weekend for almost everybody in and around town because of the veterans day holiday. >> a lot of parades, too, outside. >> parades, great stuff going on this weekend. it is going to be really nice.
6:49 am
we have cloudiness first thing this morning but it isn't going to interfere with our weekend plans one little bit. you're going to find sunshine before today is through and tomorrow and monday look magnificent outside. beautiful weather for most of our weekend. have cloudiness to deal with first thing in morning but this is not going to be a huge problem. look at the great shot from our city camera view. a mirror calm finish on the potomac this morning. mott much breeze. more clouds the further north and west you live or travel right now. 38 degrees here in washington. it's kind of a damp chill outside first thing this morning, too. humidity is at 89%. barely a breeze though. winds light and variable for much of the day. not the best kite flying day but that is about the only thing off the list for great outdoor activities. 30 now in frederick, marlgd. 34 the inner harbor in baltimore. 30 cull pepper and manassas. 29 in harrisonburg.
6:50 am
quantico, virginia the marine corps happy birthday. obviously a big marine corps city. 54 degrees by 11:00 today. up to near 60 with a few fair weather clouds coming through later on this afternoon. headed on out to the movies about 7:30 tonight 52 degrees. then about the time you're going to bed back to the 40s once again. on storm 4 radar this not reaching the ground across most of southern maryland but these rain drops are for real up toward martinsburg into the mountains of west virginia. nothing heavy. they won't last long. most of them are going to dry up as they approach the metro area. just be on the lookout for some clouds and a little bit of light rain first thing this morning. again, most of that is going to be drying up and will not last all day long. a big storm developing out here in the middle of the country will put a huge push of warm air here for tomorrow and monday. 70s around here. but eventually the bottom will fall out and we'll have rain chances here by tuesday morning and then chillier weather returns after that. so a nice pattern change for us. instead of the big trough of cold air we have a ridge of high
6:51 am
pressure coming on in. that'll provide a south wind for tonight and into tomorrow and monday. that means beautiful weather. don't forget it's veterans day. we can go out and give your local veterans or if you see anybody wearing a world war ii hat down there at the memorial give them a handshake and say thank you. cold front brings us rain showers by tuesday. so that's the time we're watching. today clouds to start. but sun to finish. highs today upper 50s and low 60s. tomorrow will be a far nicer day to be outside than today even will be. plenty of sunshine. warmer weather tomorrow. highs in the upper 60s to near, dare i say it, 70 degrees? tomorrow? 72 for the holiday on monday? that'll be perfect weather indeed. chance for rain showers, maybe even november thund other than tuesday ahead of some cooler weather. navy on the road taking on troy in alabama today. down there south of montgomery, sunny and warm. 71 degrees for the midshipmen. if you want to see your game featured between 9:00 and 10:30 this morning there is the
6:52 am
address tell me when and where they're playing. we'll get as many as we can. >> thanks, chuck. time right now is 6:52. next advice that could save us all some money. i'm liz crenshaw. how do you know when you're getting a bargain or if it's a trap? an all new liz quiz is coming up. and stuffed animals. meet dragon baby. watch out. the viral video you just have to see. [ female announcer ] it's deliciously dark just before dawn.
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it's a rainy morning becoming a caramel drizzle. with folgers gourmet selections, you can turn any day gourmet. new roasts, new flavors, and a new look.
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getting a good deal is a goodhing unless you fall for a pitch that is too good to be true. liz crenshaw has an all new liz quiz with help from kiplinger's personal finance called bargain or trap. >> reporter: bargain or trap? using a used car seat for your child. is it a bargain or a trap? >> trap. >> reporter: smart woman. it's a trap because there is no way to know how old it is or whether it was involved in an accident. car seats have an expiration date of six years plus government safety standards can change over time. here's the next question. long-term care insurance. bargain or a trap? >> i'm going bargain. >> reporter: she's right. kip lingers says in 2011 nursing home care topped more than
6:56 am
$87,000 a year. at home care can be even more. without long-term care insurance you or your family will have to foot the bill. here's the next scenario. using a no contract cell phone service is that a bargain or a trap? >> probably a trap. >> reporter: actually they say it is a bargain. no contract cell phone plans allow customers to pay as they go with a flat rate plan. if you want to switch plans you can do so without paying penalty fees. next scenario tax preparation. if you use tax software to prepare your return yourself is it a bargain or a trap? >> a trap. >> reporter: actually it's a bargain. usually consumers pay hundreds of dollars for a cpa to prepare a tax return, get the tax software and it ranges from free to $50. next up, the dollar store. buying your vitamins or medications at a dollar store, is that a bargain or a trap? >> i think it might be a trap.
6:57 am
>> reporter: why do you think so? >> i'm not sure it would be the real thing for a dollar. >> reporter: "consumer reports" found dollar store multi vitamins did not always have the amount of nutrients listed on the label. generic vitamins and pills from your local pharmacy or supermarket are a better bet. next up, credit cards. applying for a store credit card to save 10% on today's purchases. a bargain or a trap? >> trap. >> reporter: why? >> because the credit card interest is so expensive. >> reporter: no matter how good the deal sounds retail cards tend to carry very high interest rates. kiplinger's says getting a retail card on a whim may also lower your credit score. speaking of your credit score -- is it a bargain or a trap? paying less than $10 for a copy of your credit report bargain or trap? >> trap. >> reporter: why? >> because they're free. >> reporter: good girl. by law you are entitled to a free credit report every year
6:58 am
from each of the three main credit bureaus. you can request them all at once or spread them out during the year to keep a close eye on your credit history. you're just like susie smart consumer today. >> have i sent away for mine recently? >> reporter: yeah. liz crenshaw, news 4. >> you don't need to be embarrassed about that. >> i'm just worried. long-term care, i never thought about that. should we start buying that now? i don't have that marked on my plan. there we go. all right. let's move on. a discussion on the web this week may have been focused a lot on the election but one viral video is round house kicking some of that attention away. check it out. world meet dragon baby. the one-minute clip was made by this little guy's father canadian amateur film maker
6:59 am
patrick blauben. in eight days the movie of little romeo elvis which is a great name going kung-fu on his stuffed dragon has gotten almost 18 million youtube hits. >> how did they do that? >> i don't know. they say he is an amateur film maker but that was pretty darned good. >> looks professionally well done to me. >> i know. i love how the stuffing came out. he took that dragon down. >> how cute is that? it's funny. >> his little round kicking and everything. >> 18 million hits. that little baby video is going to pay his way through college. >> it's going to get lots more i'm sure. as for the weather we are really looking up. >> not a bad way to start your weekend. a little cloudiness first thing this morning. sprinkles out toward i-81 but the sun is back by later this afternoon and tomorrow and monday. perfect weather for veterans day. >> all the parades that are out there. >> absolutely. that's it for news 4 today. we are back in 25 minutes with a


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